Taj Air ensures that every journey is
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Frequently Asked Questions
Be it for business or pleasure, Taj Air is the preferred choice of guests for its wide network of destinations, in-house maintenance facility, highly trained crew and competent ground staff.


i) Since when has Taj Air been operational?

Founded on November 11, 1993 as Megapode Airlines Ltd., it has been offering bespoke services since 1996 and under the brand name of 'Taj Air' from August 9, 2002.

It is registered with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India as a 'Non-Scheduled Operator' [Licence 9/1993 Passenger] and only offers aircraft that it owns, maintains and operates i.e. no third party aircraft are offered.

Taj Air has become the preferred executive air charter service provider for its: reliable service, international certifications, worldwide coverage and highly personalized service.

ii) Is Taj Air registered with the local regulatory authority?

Taj Air is registered with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India as a 'Non-Scheduled Operators Operator' [Licence 9/1993 Passenger].

iii) What are the areas of operation for Taj Air?

Taj Air is not limited to providing executive aircraft charters. It spans the areas of Business Aviation mentioned below:

(1) Air Charter Service

           (a) P.180 Avanti II

           (b) Falcon 2000

           (c) Falcon 2000LX

(2) Maintenance of aircraft in Mumbai

           (a) P.180 Avanti II

           (b) Hawker 850

           (c) Falcon 2000

           (d) Falcon 2000EX EASy / DX / LX

           (e) Gulfstream

iv) What type of aircraft does Taj Air fly?

Currently, Taj Air fleet comprises of:

(1) Dassault Falcon 2000LX Brand new Jet aircraft with a range of 8 hours of ‘non-stop’ flying (4000 nm / 7408 km)

(2) Dassault Falcon 2000 Jet aircraft with a range of 6 hours of ‘non-stop’ flying (3000 nm / 5555 km)

(3) Piaggio P.180 Avanti II Brand new twin engine Turbo propeller aircraft with a range of 4 hours of non-stop flying (1470 nm / 2,722 Km ),      coupled with a superior ‘short runway performance’.

v) What is the Taj Air reach in India?

In India alone, Taj Air charter flights cover around 130 destinations, while commercial airlines cover only 71 destinations. Travel is subject to airport formalities and landing clearances. We fly you as close as possible to destinations you propose to visit on business or leisure.

vi) Does Taj Air fly to international destinations?

Taj Air flies all over the world. Our private jets fly DIRECTLY to more than a 150 airports in 56 countries.

The Dassault Falcon 2000 / 2000LX jet aircrafts can fly to any destination within a radius of 6/8½ hours of non-stop flying. The aircraft can fly longer distances, with re-fuelling stops.

vii) Who are Taj Air's clientele?

Our clients include dignitaries, celebrities, Indian and multinational corporations – names are kept confidential.

viii) What are the corporate usages for which charters are used?

Corporate charters are a business tool to travel anonymously, and access multiple destinations for business meetings thereby saving time, improving productivity and hence saving money.

(1) Board Visits

(2) Client Meetings

(3) Investor Visits

(4) Site Visits

(5) Pampering key customers

(6) Urgent Meetings

(7) Merger and Acquisition Meetings

ix) How are charters used for Leisure?

Taj Air private charters are used to create magical moments and memorable experiences for the special occasions in ones life. We provide a unique opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones - in the anonymity and privacy of your aircraft.

(1) Extremely High-end Holidays

(2) Save time by Improving connectivity

(3) Religious sojourns (Tirupati, Golden Temple, Ajmer Sharif, etc.)

(4) Weddings


i) Can I book and fly right away?

Destinations within India:

Taj Air can fly to destinations in India, with the notice being as little as 4 hours where the airports are operational for 24 hours. In other cases it is subject to permissions from the Airport Authority of India and necessary clearances. Being a registered executive aircraft charter service, Taj Air liaises with multiple agencies to ensure that you can fly as efficiently as possible. If your destination is located close to a defense airfield in India, Taj Air facilitates approval for non-Indian passengers much faster than a foreign registered aircraft with a foreign crew.

Destinations outside India:

For international destinations, at least 3 working days notice is required to execute a flight itinerary - primarily due to permissions from the local regulatory authorities (DGCA) in India. It is also subject to receiving ‘over flying’, landing clearances and visa for crew members (as per requirement of the specific country).

To book a jet, do request a quotation or contact us at the nearest Taj Air office.

ii) Are there additional charges?

Depending on the requirement, the following charges apply:

(1) Night halt charges shall be charged, which includes crew accommodation and all aircraft related landing and parking charges.

(2) Day Detention charges shall be charged after 4 hours of free waiting time (on a per hour basis), in the event of no overnight waiting.

(3) On non-flying days, if the aircraft is kept waiting, 1 hour of flying time shall be charged as "Non Flying Day Charge". On this day, no
      night halt charges apply.
(4) Any Watch Hour extension levied by the airport shall be billed separately after the flight has been completed, as it cannot be foreseen
      prior to the flight.

(5) IFS (International Flight Clearance Service) charges comprising of Diplomatic, Over flight, Flight plan, Prepaid ground handling, Landing,
      Parking, Departure charges, etc. apply for flights operating in the international sector.

iii) How do I confirm my booking?

You can confirm the aircraft booking by:

(1) Acknowledging 'acceptance' on the quotation / Proforma Invoice and send the same (as a scanned copy) to us.

(2) Making a 100% advance payment towards "confirmation charges" for your flight. Because of our limited inventory we would have offered our aircraft to multiple customers. Hence request you to please let us know if you are confirming the booking, since the aircraft will be subject to availability and confirmed after Taj Air receives the 'credit' of the 100% Invoice value, in advance.

iv) What are the terms for cancellation?

(1) 20% of the total Invoice value if the cancellation is done at least 45 days and 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure on the flight.

(2) 50% of the total Invoice value if the cancellation is done between 48 hours to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure on the flight.

(3) 100% of the total Invoice value if the cancellation is done less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure on the flight.

v) What are the modes of payment?

Payments can be made either by:

(1)Wire transfer in favor of 'TAJAIR LIMITED' payable in Mumbai.

(2) Credit Card: Visa / Master / AMEX. Please note, transaction fees will be charged additionally

vi) Are passengers insured when they fly with Taj Air?

Yes, passengers are insured with ICICI Lombard for both passenger, as well as baggage liability. It covers aircraft mishap and passenger mishap in the aircraft / on flight. The insurance cover can be enhanced by your clients for the required flight dates on payment of additional premium. Please note, Taj Air has ‘legal liability policies’ and not "benefit policies". If any passenger wishes to have a higher limit, it’s really up to that passenger to buy personal accident policy on his own.


i) Does Taj Air handle landing permissions?

(1) Taj Air can handle permissions for the aircraft that we operate under our 'Non-Scheduled Operator License' [Licence 9/1993 Passenger].

(2) Taj Air is a registered executive charter service and liaises directly with multiple agencies(Over flight permission / Flight plan / Weather brief / ATC filing / Ground handling, Landing, Parking, etc.) to ensure that your passengers can fly as efficiently as possible.

(3) In India, if the required destination airport is a defense airfield in India, Taj Air facilitates the required approvals for non-Indian passengers. Since all our aircraft are registered in India with Indian Nationals flying as 'crew members', we can ensure permissions much faster than that for a 'foreign registered aircraft with a foreign crew'.

ii) What is the check-in procedure when I fly Taj Air?

(1) You must arrive at the airport 30 minutes before departure for flights within India and 60 minutes before departure for international flights.

(2) We personally escort you from the departure lounge of the airport and supervise your security, customs and immigration clearances for international flights. We handle your baggage the moment you arrive at the airport. Our ground staff stows your baggage in the aircraft before take-off and delivers it to you securely on landing.

iii) What are the facilities on the ground?

(1) You can arrive at the airport just 30 minutes before departure for flights within India and 60 minutes before departure for international flights.

(2) Taj Air personally supervises your security, customs and immigration clearances, wherever and whenever required. Your bags are stowed in the aircraft and retrieved by us, so you do not waste time at the baggage carousel. We liaise directly with multiple agencies to ensure that you can fly at the earliest. For instance, if your destination is located close to a defense airfield in India, Taj Air facilitates approval for non-Indian passengers within 7 working days as against 30 days for a foreign registered aircraft with a foreign crew.

(3) In Mumbai, you can relax at our exclusive airport lounge.

(4) Should your clients need hotel stay / rent-a-car service, we can arrange for the same at all destinations (45 locations across India) where we have Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces.

iv) Does Taj Air have a rent-a-car service at my destination?

(1) Taj Air can arrange this service at all destinations (45 locations across India) where we have Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. Do check at
      the time of booking your trip.


i) Can I specify my meal preference?

Yes, you can customize your meal according to your dietary needs. Choose from vegetarian, special, religious and child and infant meals. Do specify your meal preference 48 hours before departure.
For à la carte, you have a choice of 4 international cuisine options served over a three-course meal. For refreshments, you have a choice of light beverages and gourmet coffees.

ii) Can I have a glass of wine on my flight?

As per rules stipulated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India, we cannot serve alcoholic beverages on board for flights operating within Indian air space. Also, passengers are forbidden to carry alcohol into the aircraft.

For international flights we can serve alcohol.

iii) Can I smoke on my flight?

Smoking is not permitted on the aircraft.

iv) Can I keep in touch with the world during the flight?

We have a satellite phone and facsimile on board the Falcon 2000 and Falcon 2000LX jet aircraft. However since there is no immediate and accurate method to bill the passenger on usage, we do not extend this facility.

v) Can I access the internet during the flight?

Currently, Taj Air does not offer internet connectivity.

vi) How many crew members are on board my flight?


i) How does the Piaggio P.180 Avanti II compare with the other turboprop and jet aircrafts?

The Taj Air P.180 Avanti II, is way ahead of the other turbo-props in its category: King Air B-200, King Air B-350 and even the light jet Cessna Citation CJ2. It breaks most myths associated with ‘turbo-prop aircraft’, such as:

Having a maximum ceiling of 41,000ft, far higher than even some light jets; thereby flying above turbulent weather and ensuring a
     smoother flight.

It has a cruise speed nearly 30% faster than that of other turbo-prop and is even marginally higher than the light jets.

The most important myth that a ‘turbo-prop’ is noisy is busted with a noise level that’s only 68 dba - the quietest in class.

With a cabin height of 5’ 9" and cabin width of 6’ 1" – it offers space where it is most required by the passenger; especially when all the
      aircrafts have a cabin height of less than 5’ 00’’ and cabin width of less than 5’ 00’’

It’s also the only aircraft in its class to come equipped with a fully-enclosed lavatory, with a vanity with hot and cold running water.

Finally, the Piaggio P.180 Avanti II is the only twin engine turbo-prop to be able to land on runways as short as 3268 ft. – offering      ‘better city to satellite town’ connectivity to the passenger.

ii) How does the Dassault Falcon 2000/2000LX compare with the other jets?

The Taj Air Falcon 2000/2000LX jet aircraft is superior in almost every single area; especially when you compare it to: Cessna Citation CJ2, Cessna Citation Excel, Hawker 850 XP, Cessna Citation X, Challenger 300, Gulfstream G 200 and Challenger 604. Enumerated below are the reasons that make it the preferred aircraft for charters:

With a maximum ceiling of 47,000ft (nearly 1½ times the height of Mount Everest with its elevation at 29,029ft); thereby flying above
      turbulent weather and having a ‘whisper-soft’ flight.

It has a cruise speed of 880km/h, coupled with a range of 3,000 NM / 4,000 NM – which translates to around 6/9 hours of ‘non-stop
      flying’, respectively.

With 6 ft 2 in of headroom, a width of 7 ft 8 in, and cabin length of 26 ft 2 in the passenger seating space offers a passenger cabin
      volume which is nearly 20% more than its closest rival. The passenger cabin volume of 1,024ft3 is among the highest in its category.

The baggage space is around 19% more than its closest rival and allows you to travel in style.