The fastest and most advanced executive/multi-utility
turboprop in the world

P.180 Avanthi II
Piaggio Aero’s P.180 Avanti II is a turbo-prop aircraft with a superior ‘short runway performance’ – can land on small runways and therefore offers a better city to satellite town connectivity. It is set apart from its competitors by its ability to achieve a high level of performance, with unrivalled fuel efficiency—that means low emissions and reduced operative costs. Click here for more details.


Seating: 6 passengers + 2 crew (Captain and co-pilot). Since the aircraft doesn’t have a galley, there’s no flight attendant on board. Catering is also limited.

Shematic view of Avanthi
Spacious Interiors
The Piaggio P.180 Avanti II the only aircraft in its class (turbo-prop and light jets) with a true stand-up cabin having a height of 5ft 9 in. Besides being able to stand up straight, passengers can move about freely thanks to the large cross-section of the cabin 6 ft 1 in. As you’d expect, the aircraft has been thoughtfully designed and space has been made available at places where it’s most required, at shoulder level and in the floor to ceiling dimension. Quietness (which a speech interference level of only 65dbA) together with oversized leather recliners guarantees the most relaxing and enjoyable trip.
Catering is limited since the aircraft does not have a galley.
To further enhance the comfort of your flight, the Piaggio P180 Avanti II offers a comfortable, fully enclosed, well- equipped rest room with a vanity with hot and cold running water.

Baggage compartment is accessible from the outside and has a maximum capacity of 15kg per passenger. The baggage hold can take six bags of 15kgs each having dimension of 56 cm ( 22 in ) , width of 45 cm ( 18 in ) and depth of 25 cm ( 10 inch).

  • Landing distance Factored - 4,550 ft
  • Maximum ceiling - 41,000 ft
  • Normal Cruise Speed - 365 nm / 676 kmph
  • Long Range Cruise Speed - 318 nm / 589 kmph
  • Range - 3½ hrs. [For destinations having 'flying time' greater than 2½ hours, there would be a technical halt for re-fuelling on account of aircraft performance due to weight, altitude, temperature and range limitations.]


Get an exclusive preview of the P.180 Avanti II here.


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