Tell us what you need, and we’ll customise it for you

Taj Air creates solutions around your plans, your requirements, your schedules.
Customized to Your ScheduleFrom providing a flexible travel itinerary, customized schedules, express departures to direct access; to destinations that are not connected on conventional routes, Taj Air ensures that your charter flight experience is nothing less than extraordinary.
More Destinations than any other Our chartered private jets fly to more than 150 airports in 56 countries. In India alone, Taj Air covers around 130 destinations, while commercial airlines fly only 71 destinations. Our team constantly evaluates new airports we haven’t flown into, to see if they meet our strict requirements. Taj Air can fly to destinations in India, with as little as 4 hours notice - provided the airports are operational. For all other destinations, departure is subject to airport formalities and landing clearances. Our fleet of private jets flies an intercontinental range - anywhere in the world within a flying radius of 8 hours. The aircraft can fly longer distances with refueling stops.
Distinctive Privileges At the airport, security, customs & immigration clearances are handled discreetly by the Taj Air staff, ensuring that our guests travel in privacy and absolute confidentiality is maintained.
Taj Air also liaisons directly with multiple agencies to ensure guests can fly at the earliest. We have our own exclusive passenger lounge in Mumbai where our chartered flight guests can lounge before boarding the aircraft.
Competent Team The experienced Taj Air crew trained at Flight Safety International, are supported by ground engineers trained in the private jet manufacturer’s facility at Dassault, Paris and Piaggio Aero's, facility in Genoa, Italy.
Our team works round-the-clock, manning the hangars, maintaining our aircraft and ensuring on-time departures and arrivals, between any city.
Attention to Details Taj Air is defined by the same intuitive and courteous service that Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is known for.

The charter flight menus include 4 international cuisine options, over three-course meals and for refreshments, there is a choice of non-alcoholic beverages. Cuisines can be customized to a guest’s dietary needs if meal preferences are indicated at least 48 hours before departure.

Taj Air also offers an eclectic selection of music and movies to pick from.